Why BIC?

BIC is one of many mosques located throughout Los Angeles. Not only do we see regulars from all different parts of Los Angeles, we see regulars from Orange, Riverside, and nearby Counties. Visitors to Los Angeles from New York and Chicago love BIC and stop by every chance they get. Here is what some people have to say about BIC:

“I love coming to BIC. It’s where I feel I can develop relationships and expand my deen”
“Very beautiful place to pray. Great location right off the 5. Plenty of parking. They also have many classes and programs throughout the week. Love this place!!”
“Having only been here for only 3 months, I find the place, and the people to be very friendly. The mosque is ever-upgrading but I rarely keep up with it. Not sure what else to say, other than that I find peace here, and I hope you do too”
“It is the best mosque in Valley.. I am so happy that I take my kids there..”